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Downloads : SS Gifts

There is a SecretSanta2010 going on at the BlackPearlSims and the person who received my gift wanted to share it with everyone.

My elf was Mysticrain and here's part of the gift i made for her, due to the cc used. 

And i am seriously sorry, i couldn't get the lj cut to work, no matter what *blushes*

Rest of the gift you can find at the gift sharing thread, here: www.blackpearlsims.com/showthread.php (included: 2 maxis painting recolours, 9 SH Alio painting recolours, SH 3-tiled painting recolour, 20 SH04 painting recolours, 2 justmoi painting recolours, 2 Merel bed recolours, 3 Boston chair recolours and 1 Callis and Talia chair recolour)

Gift simmies

larger individual pics you can see at the gift sharing thread, linked above

Gift house

2x2 lot and 27365 simoleans, unfurnished, minor landscaping.

Base game, NL, OFB, Pets, Seasons and AptLife, no stuff packs.

For the house to show up correctly you may need to download the following:

Torrox build master mesh 2storey window from mts2

Manor house climbing ivy mesh from mts2

Shakeshafts OFB window recolous (free)  w34.thesimsresource.com/artists/Shakeshaft/downloads/details/category/sims2-sets-objects/title/ofb-euro-style-recolour-set/id/821474/
(you might need to use the colouring tool to swith the colours in game yourself)

Euro doors and windows plus www.ts2creations.com/artistchrissybuild.htm


1 floor: kitchen, dining/study/questroom, livingroom, bathroom and patio

2 floor: 2 bedrooms, open area which can easily be coverted to a bedroom, 3 bathrooms


Phoenix_Phaerie I CuriousB I Gelydh I Chrissy6930 I Spaik I Komosims I
StylistSims I Simlogical I PimpMySims I Khakidoo I Reflex I Moune999 I
HystericalParoxysm I Donnha I Isle of Maltha I Numeror

Many many thanks to all the cc creators!!!

download sims www.sendspace.com/file/q064qv

download house www.sendspace.com/file/s6aot3


September words simmies

So, i quess some of you saw the pics i shared some time ago of Brunette and Portrait.
Here's 4 sims inspired by the September Sim Challenge..

pics and downloadCollapse )

A very very loong hiatus is over

I am so sorry for disappearing for so long without even telling what's going on.
The truth is, there was nothing special going on, i just totally lost the inspiration and felt very uncreative. And besides, it was (yes, really was) summertime in between, and i always go to noncreative mode then :D

read more and see some picsCollapse )


I am reuploading some of my sims that used to be available at the Sim~Antics.




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S2S inside/outside + Doty R2 piccies

So, here’s piccies from Sims2Supernova’s Inside/Outside Challenge, which was very entertaining task btw.

And round2 piccies from the DOTY2010 contest, this time we had to decorate the back area of the first floor to open plan kitchen, dining and living area, with rustic/+urban feel using green, yellow and orange/terracotta color scheme.


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Doty 2010 Round 1 piccies

So, i joined the Designer of The Year contest over @ BPS


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More wall.. ..stuff

I have some walls to offer this time, but also some wall overlays.

I was about to recolor more Maxis walls and then make paneled versions of each wall, both Maxis panel and edited HS panel, but that would’ve been just stupid thing, right. So instead i made wall overlays of both panels mentioned above.




Maxis Panel wall overlay

*mesh included (credits to Pixelhate/Numeror @ MTS)

Some tweaking to the the original Maxis texture by me

Upper molding texture by Alfie @ BPS

SL-maxis panel wall overlays


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2 Apartment buildings

I have two new houses to offer this time.

Both are apartment houses, dublex buildings with courtyard in the center.


Other house has 2 apartments and the other one has 4.



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Large Family Home from a request

I decided to build a house from a request over at a Finnish sims forum. The request was about a certain picture and the house needed to be suitable for a large family and include at least 5 bedrooms.

House request

I had this one picture to look for guidance and i started to build the outer shell for the house and managed to include all the wanted rooms in there too :)



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Apr. 3rd, 2010

BeachVilla7 reupload


Soo, here’s another older home from me (which i lightly changed and beautified for the LJ) that used to be up at the Sim~Antics.





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REMAKE of an older house

Finally got it finished.. i started it last week, but then got distracted by other projects and, well, you know.. =D

Speaking of those other projects, i spent several hours last weekend looking for pics to make paintings from, and i saved nearly 550 piccies.. Not all are gonna end up being on a painting tho, as i need to cut down the amount, i am not going to make 550 Maxis painting recolors..

But yeah, this remake.. it was originally up at the Sim~Antics, called VacationHome1. But i wanted to get rid off that old cabin look and make it more current and contemporary.




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More Maxis Walls recolored

This time i made recolors of 4 different Maxis wall, they come in one .rar folder, but inside it the folders are clearly labeled.

...more under cut....Collapse )

Maxis Advanced Clapboard Galore

I come bearing some recolors of Maxis walls, 16 colors to be exact.
Each color has a solid siding + right and left accent ones, and the folders are clearly labeled.



Random Nova’s Legacy inspired pictures

For my first actual game experience i chose to follow (not really do the legacy, but play legacy like..) the awesome Nova’s Legacy challenge and downloaded the handsom Grigol (made by Garnet).





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Random picture spammage

I thought i’d share some of my pictures. As you can propably see, i love to decorate a lot ;)

But now as we speak, i started to clean my downloads folder because it takes ages for the game to load even if i have only buy and build stuff in the downloads folder. I am trying to cut off as much downloads i can, and leave only some of the favorites and Maxis matchy stuff :D

I don’t even know what was the size of my downloads folder in total with all the stuff in it, but i bet it was more likely something around 10GT… Let’s call it the spring clean.


Well, on to the pictures


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SL BeachVilla 4 Remake

So, here's the first older house, that used to be up at the Sim~Antics.
Technically it's a remake, because i wanted to update it a bit and remove unnecessary cc of it.

My avatar sim now downloadable

I am resizing some pics of my new (well, actually it's a remake of an older house of mine) house, but in the mean time, here's a new sim for you to enjoy..

pics and download link under cutCollapse )

Love is in the air.. <3

Hello my dear (online) friends and happy Valentine's day to all!!

Myspace Comments

This time no update, but i have my last day at the work tomorrow * is feeling a little sad*, so i quess i have plenty of time to post my downloads after that, until i find a new job for myself.

Everyone, enjoy the valentine's day and i hope you all feel loved, cherished and special this day, and every day. *hugs*


My dreamhouse for sims

Yes, finally, my first house for this blog :)

The house was inspired by the “my dream house” contest over at The BlackPearlSims (where i btw just won my first decorating contest, yay, i am so honored.. ). I saw this contest a little late and couldn’t participate, but i was inspired to make my own dream home.

It is somewhat typical (the style of the house) Finnish house
and it’s located by the shore and it has separate saunacabin and/or quest house.




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Sims again..

I am trying my best to browse through my houses, and check some with the clean game so i could upload my houses in the near future. But i was struckling with the AnyGameStarter today, so in the mean time, here’s couple of sims, again..


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2 sims and a short story..

Hi there all and welcome to my LJ.

Finally got off of my lazy ass and figured out how this works.. yes, i had a blog before but it

was way too complicated and i wasn’t feeling very creative at the time.. not sure if i still do, but

i’ll try my best :)

 Well, I am going to dumb my sims 2 stuffers here for now on, and i’m trying my hardest to put up some

older downloads that used to be up at Sim~Antics too.


So, you want downloads huh?



pics and links under cutCollapse )




Okay, most people on the simming community probably knows me as -SamLee-.
And my real name behind the nicknames is Tanja :)

Feel free to take a tour,
add me and leave a message, if you'd like.


My downloads consists
mostly of sims and homes for them.

I have all the Sims 2 EP's and SP's (family fun and celebration not installed) and that's why

i recommend using the Sims2PackCleanInstaller to install my houses.

Usually none of the cc is made by me (except the random sets of walls and such).
So all the credit and my
undying appreciation goes to the true artists of the community.
Thank you!

1. Don't claim my work as yours.

That's all i ask.

And if you use my creations, a
little credit would be very nice, obviously, but i'm not gonna force anyone for it :)


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